Hight Service Quotient

Founded and run by young professionals who have changed the track of their life only to help the underserved.


Low Admin Cost

Over 93% of the money donated goes direct to the beneficiary and related programs. With 6.77% admin cost, Lotus Petal promises one of the lowest overhead costs in the industry.


Transparent and Open

Withh BSR Affiliates (KPMG India) as auditors, the organization is built upon high integrity and distinctive transparency. 99.83% of our annual spend is done though digital transactions only.


Programs with Scientific Rigour

The programs are specifically designed for the underprivileged with a ground level understanding of the needs of the deprived. Date collection and measurement are used to constantly improvise the programs to ensure high impact and quality outcome in both education and nutrition.

Most Important - You will be a part of change

Grow- Learn-Teach- Serve and Transform with us

Hope draws us all to Lotus Petal Foundation. The commitment towards making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and an innate desire to serve brings us together as donors, volunteers and Changemakers (employees) and supporters of Lotus Petal Foundation.

The authentication that our programs change beneficiary’s life for the better gives confidence to our donors and they remain committed to a long-term association with us.

Learn about our spending details and source of funds, please download the Annual report. Consistently received the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.

DISCLAIMER: Lotus Petal Foundation corresponds from email addresses with the domain “” or from mobile number 9818089635. We do not solicit donations from individuals via phone and WhatsApp and if you receive any calls or email where our name is used, we advise all not to act upon the same and we are not responsible for any donation advanced to the individuals claiming themselves to be associated with Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation and if you have any doubt, please write back to us on