One of the many difficulties that the poor families living in urban slums face is the lack of accessibility to basic healthcare facilities. To address the issue, we offer E-Doctor Sewa for the local underprivileged at our TeleMedicine Center (TMC).

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, it greatly impacted all areas and put great pressure on the healthcare providers. The weekly OPDs and Health Camp held on the Lotus Petal Campus in Gurgaon, India had to be stopped due to safety concerns and lack of PPE kits. These services provided critical relief to the underprivileged in the surrounding areas who do not always have access to quality healthcare.

Keeping the challenges in mind, the health services offered by the organization were transitioned to E-Doctor Sewa at the Telemedicine Center (TMC) where patients can connect with the doctor over live video conferencing.

There is a healthcare provider available in the TMC who assists the doctor by conducting a general check-up of the visiting patient and shares the details with the doctor. The doctor then talks to the patient over video call in the presence of the healthcare professional and prescribes the medicines/tests as required.

The E-Doctor Sewa at the Telemedicine Center is operational on the Lotus Petal Foundation Campus in Silokhera Village, South City 1, Gurugram from Monday to Friday.

Tele Medicine Center

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