November 2011 saw the birth of Lotus Petal Foundation, a non-profit set up by a young professional, Kushal Raj Chakravorty, with the objective of helping children in the urban slums of India lead better lives and get access to quality education and healthcare.

Access to quality education, basic healthcare and a secure life of dignity is still a distant dream to the underprivileged in India. Each year 5 million children are deprived of access to primary education.

The inequality is stark and concerned a few young professionals who were busy living their life from one deadline to the other. What started as a modest school with 7 children in a shopping arcade is a movement that brings together individuals and organizations from all across the planet who donate towards providing free, private-school like, quality education to the children living in the slums of Gurugram, India. The school aims at grooming students who are confidently bilingual and have skill-based education that leads them directly to the job market.

Today, Lotus Petal Foundation has benefited 7800 children and adults and its programs adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations. Read more

Vidyananda School

This is our K-12 age appropriate school where 300 underprivileged children come and learn at no cost to them. At Vidyananda, we believe in nourishing the roots through a strong primary education. This is crucial to ensure that children flourish in higher grades, and eventually in a professional or vocational setting. The emphasis is towards imparting quality education, and moulding a solid foundation in the fundamentals that gear them for mainstream life. The primary curriculum is as prescribed by NCERT

Pratishthan Learning Center

Pratishthan Learning Center is the fast track education cum skilling program for 220 underprivilged children that runs from Grades 6 to 12 at no cost to them. Students who join the Pratishthan program are mostly those who are lagging behind in the education system by a few years due to a fractured education. Students are put on a fast track program to complete their grade 6 to 10 in 3 years, so that they can complete grade 10 at an appropriate age. The medium of education is English and the curriculum is based on the NCERT prescribed syllabus. Students complete their secondary education and move into professional courses or jobs based on vocational skills, free of cost. Depending on their talent and capabilities, each student is counselled to make a relevant career choice

Aarogya Wellness

This is our health and nutrition program accessible to all students and their families. Under Aarogya, 6000 people have been benefited. ... In this we provide freshly cooked breakfast & lunch every day. A weekly Out Patient Department (OPD) is run in the school by Dr Nandita Chakraborty. Lotus Petal Foundation also runs a monthly health camp on the first Sunday of every month that is open to the entire community. It includes facilities for eye testing, pathology and lab work. Read more


"For a lot of these children, they will be first-generation literates in the family." Read more