Help “Save our Saviours”!

Help “Save our


As frontline workers, doctors and medical professionals in India are exposed to maximum risk of getting affected by the Coronavirus due to shortage of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kits, N95 masks and 3 ply surgical masks.

Help SAVE thousands of medical professionals from Coronavirus by contributing right now!

There is an immediate requirement for 7000 PPE Sets, 7000 N-95 & 3-ply masks, the costs of which are mentioned below:

1 PPE Set costs ~ Rs.1200  

1 N95 Mask ~ Rs. 200

1 3-ply Mask costs ~Rs.15

Delivered as on (24th May 2020)

PPE Kits – 95

N95 – 390

Last updated 24th May 2020

About Covid India Initiative

Covid India Initiative is a volunteer-driven disaster management group started on Mar 22, 2020. The voluntary group consists of technocrats, academicians, medical practitioners, emergency and critical care doctors, biomedical engineers, social workers, startup founders, and corporate leaders from IITs, IIMs, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, Stanford, St. Stephens, Academia and many other premier institutions across the world, who are committed to lend their shoulder for the country in its fight against Covid-19.

The voluntary group Covid India Initiative is running multiple initiatives across to ensure that our doctors get the supply of PPE and N-95 masks that they need in this time of calamity. In a span of 2 weeks, we have 600+ volunteers on board and more than 100 volunteers working round the clock. You can also volunteer with us by signing up on or mail us on or join our slack channel.

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