We strive to nurture individuals and bring about a transformation in their lives through education.


We believe in the intrinsic goodness of people.

We believe that education is the single most empowering tool to transform an individual’s life. At Lotus Petal, we provide exemplary education and enable people across the globe to help us achieve this in ways that they may feel engaged and agents of change too.All of us passionately believe in equal opportunities. Giving selflessly transforms both the giver and the receiver.


We provide exemplary education, nutritious meals, free healthcare and skill development to the children of the urban poor in India.

We provide an ecosystem for people all across the world to contribute towards the cause of education with their skills, time and money.


Lotus Petal Foundation started with a dream. In 2011, it was born in a single room with six boys and a girl who came to the makeshift ‘school’ six days a week to learn. Over the years, it took pure grit, a dedicated team, individual contributors who believed in the cause and a burgeoning community that wanted to change their circumstance to reach this point.

Today, the dream has grown to include 450 children, and it continues to grow every day.

Our Team

Kushal Raj Chakravorty - Founder

Kushal is a management graduate from IIM Lucknow with sterling work experience in the corporate world. Children and education have been two subjects that have occupied his thoughts frequently though they had no direct relation with his work at the time.

Kushal wanted to make a difference. He says it is essential that change be meaningful for the person giving and the one receiving. If a child is given adequate educational opportunities, only then can change be sustainable. That is where Lotus Petal came from.

Saloni Bhardwaj - COO

Saloni Bhardwaj- a writer, journalist and a graduate of the University of Sheffield, UK – started her career working with BBC Radio in UK. She also worked for television channels and print media in India. Saloni was always looking to work with people in need- whether it was spending time in Mother Teresa's home for the destitute,an orphanage and DC homes for the old in Lucknow, her hometown or motivating immigrant families to assimilate in the mainstream in England.Over her career she got exposed to more organized ways of philanthropic giving. She found herself spending more of her time volunteering for various non profits in the United States- Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, to name a few. It was her time spent with Ten Thousand Villages in Cincinnati, Ohio that exposed her to ways in which she could organize herself to give in a substantial way.She ran the Cincinnati Fundraising Chapter for Dining For Women. It was then that she dreamt of moving back to India to have her own charity so that people could support one another in leading better and more meaningful lives.

Arghya Sen

A management graduate from XISS, Ranchi, India, he currently holds a leadership position at an MNC. He uses his years of corporate experience and strategic planning skills to give advice on matters of expansion and management at Lotus Petal Foundation.

Dr. Nandita Chakraborty

A Gold medalist doctor (MD, DNB), a marathon runner and a silent philanthropist, Dr. Nandita runs the weekly OPD in Lotus Petal and is involved in leading the monthly health camp. She says working with Lotus Petal Foundation feeds her soul.

Jatin Arora

Founder and head coach at BootCamp YELLOW, Jatin works towards bringing about a fitness revolution around him. A CrossFit Kids Trainer and a Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise, USA, he trains the kids for the Airtel Half Marathon to raise funds.

Achal Kaneja

A nature lover, runner, Indian history buff and foodie by nature, Achal worked as a General Manager at Pepsico. He helps organize the periodic fund raising drives for Lotus Petal Foundation.

Madhu Mehrotra

Madhu is a homemaker and social crusader. Her unflinching belief in the need to uplift the life of the underprivileged is what got her involved in this community. Over the years Mrs. Mehrotra`s varied skills and contacts have added value to Lotus Petal Foundation in more ways than one.