Our Campus at Dhunela, Gurgaon. India.

  • The school at full capacity will be catering to 17000 students from low-income underprivileged families only – 3500 directly on campus in our own programs and 13500 children indirectly in over 100 government schools through outreach programs.
  • The campus will be state of art built with 210,000 sqft which includes all modern educational amenities at par with any private school including new age educational infrastructure like virtual classrooms, language labs, robotics lab, STEM labs etc.
    • 22,000 sqft dedicated skill development centre
    • 81 classrooms
    • Industrial kitchen for cooking 10,000 meals per day for lunch, breakfast, and community feeding.
    • 300 KW solar power, Biological STP , Waste Water Recycling.

  • It will take 36 months to complete the entire construction and is optimised into 2 parts. Construction work has commenced.
  • The Phase 1 of the project involves construction of 3 buildings – Building J (used for practical & vocational training), Building K – (Kitchen & Dining) and Building P – (used for Classroom education). The phase 1 will be completed by Apr 2022 and the commencement of academics will be done in April /May 2022
  • Point to point bus service will be run from the campus to Gurgaon, Manesar, Sohna , Nuh for the students. Nearby students will be provided with bicycles.

Fact Sheet of Lotus Petal Foundation

  • Formed in 2011, helped other charities for 2 years, started its own school in 2013.
  • Registered charity in India with an 80G 12 A and FCRA certificate.
  • BSR Affiliates (KPMG) is our statutory auditor. Administrative costs are 6.77%
  • Due diligence documents available - PAN No,80G,12 A, FCRA, CSR Form 1, Trust Deed, Registration & Audited financial statements
  • Fund utilization certificate and impact assessment reports support the donations where applicable.
  • Registered charity in USA. Each contribution made to Lotus Petal USA receives a 501 c tax exemption receipt.
  • Registered charity in UK. Each contribution made to Lotus Petal UK receives a HMRC tax exemption receipt.
  • Certified Great Places to Work™ with 101+ employees and growing. 6 members governing council.
  • Main donors: Fidelity (Since 2016), Deloitte (Since 2017) , Concentrix ( Since 2015) , Microsoft, Adobe, Philips, Mediatek , British Airways , Admiral Group , SGS etc.
  • 3 Thematic Areas are focused on in an integrated manner – Education, Nutrition and Livelihoods covering SDG 1 – 10. Number of beneficiaries in education rose from 7 students in 1 classroom in 2013 to more than 1000 students in 2021. Another 2000 students are supported in Govt Schools.
  • The outreach program has supported over 6, 00,000 people in community feeding, medical services and vaccination since 2011.
  • Alumni are placed in professional jobs and some work in MNCs. One student is studying Bachelor of Dental Sciences after clearing NEET.
  • During the Covid crisis, Lotus Petal pivoted its model, and the national television channel (Doordarshan) carried a 5-minute story on Covid response of the foundation ( https://youtu.be/qkTqvBkJLQQ)
  • Existing Campus: 16000 sqft, 0.5 acres, Upcoming Campus: 210,000 sqft, 5 acres.

Shared Infrastructure Hub & Spoke with Government Schools

  • Dhunela Campus will be a hub & support the nearby 100 Govt School within a 45 min drive as its spokes -The Infrastructure being built at the Lotus Petal School will be shared with government school for their students to use like STEM Labs, Computer labs for benefit of these students.
  • Virtual class technology will be deployed to cover teaching gaps in these spokes where teaching gaps are identified
  • Capacity building for Government School teachers by providing Teacher Training facility
  • A pilot project for the same has been done in Government Middle School, Lohatki located at a travel time of 15 minutes from the Lotus Petal Dhunela since July 2018.
    • Under the pilot project the infrastructure of the school has been upgraded as well providing teaching support in terms of deploying permanent teachers.
    • The impact has been significant, and the school has stood first in the Saksham Program conducted by Government of Haryana in 2019. Intervention in more schools in the state of Haryana has commenced.
  • This Hub and Spoke Model will allow us to Scale up the Intervention to reach more beneficiaries

Area Demographics

  • Dhunela Village is located just off the main Gurgaon – Sohna Road after Bhondsi under Sohna Tehsil of Gurgaon District which has 5 Tehsils / Blocks – Gurgaon, Sohna, Farukhnagar, Pataudi & Manesar.
  • Dhunela Coordinates: 28.2887° N, 77.0677° E
  • Its locations allow for Easy Access from Gurgaon from North, Sohna from South and Manesar from the East via KMP Expressway or Southern Peripheral Road.
  • The total no of villages in the Sohna Block are 60 and in Manesar Block is 34 with a total population of 2.82 L people as per last census data.
  • Dhunela village has lower literacy rate compared to Haryana. In 2011, literacy rate of Dhunela village was 63.38 % compared to 75.55 % of Haryana. In Dhunela Male literacy stands at 78.27 % while female literacy rate was 47.49 %.
  • There exist around 100+ Government Schools in the vicinity of Dhunela within a 25 – 35 min radius of our campus which covers the Nuh/Mewat region which is topmost in the list of Niti Aayog’s aspirational district. Two of these schools are currently supported by Lotus Petal Foundation.

Beneficiary Demographics

These are typically first-generation school goers of parents who are employed in manual labor informal jobs and in the best-case scenario are employed in blue collar jobs formal jobs in the industry. Most of them may have been to school but not able to complete their education. They typically live in the numerous urban slum clusters in Gurgaon district. There exists a strong aspiration in them for their children to have better life based on education.

  • Our campus is located just behind a 500-acre residential township being built by the developer's (Central Park) and close to an IT SEZ’s in the area.
  • Our beneficiary is migrant child from low income families living in these developing slums
  • Most of them & their families are living in Gurgaon peri urban area for over 10 years & most parents have been to school but never completed schooling.

Community Outreach

  • There are 2 Broad Pillars to Community Mobilization- Local Community + Govt. Department
  • We engage with Local Community
    • Providing freshly cooked Meals, Dry Ration Kits, and Holding Vaccination Camps etc.
    • Providing Livelihood Opportunities by employing local manpower as Security Guards Gardeners etc.
    • Engagement with students of the area – We have distributed School Bag, Stationery & Books.
  • Engagement with Local department - We have constantly been in touch with BEO, DEO level officials.

Construction Phases & Timelines

Particulars Phases Cost (INR) Cr. Ready for Use by No. of Rooms Students
Perimeter Fencing Pre-requisite 0.34 Completed Na Na
J Block [Skill Development] 1 3.00 Nov 2021 15 525
K Block [Kitchen & Dining} 2.34 Feb 2022 2 [Kitchen + Dining Hall] 10,000 meals/day
P Block [Classroom Building] 9.75 April 2022 30 1050
V Block [Main Building] 2 17.3 Mar 2023 51 1750
External Development 3 5.2 Mar 2023 -
Total 15 + 81 = 95 3335

Why Collaborate with us

  • High Service Quotient: Founded and run by young professionals who have changed the track of their lives only to help the underserved.
  • Low Admin Cost: Over 93% of funds donated go directly to the beneficiary and programs. With admin cost at 6.77%, Lotus Petal promises one of the lowest overhead costs in the industry.
  • Transparent and open: With BSR Affiliates (KPMG India) as auditors, the organization is built upon high integrity and distinctive transparency. 99.83% of our annual spend is through digital transactions only.
  • Programs with Scientific Rigor: Programs are specifically designed for the underprivileged child with a ground level understanding of the needs of the deprived. Data collection and measurement are used to constantly improve the programs to ensure high impact and quality outcome in both education and nutrition.

Funding Options

  • Customized funding options possible in both operating expenditure as well as capital expenditure.
  • Audited fund utilization statements provided along with invoices, purchase orders, bank statements and any other requested documents.

For more details contact - shruti.s@lotuspetalfoundation.org.