• 1. Where do the students come from?

    Junior school children from Silokhra village, senior school from Sohna Road, Badshahpur, Sikanderpur, Silokhra, Golf course road, Chakkarpur.
  • 2. What are their backgrounds?

    Our students are economically underprivileged. Their parents are involved in menial work as house help, cooks, maids, security guards, press-walas, tea stall owners, car washers, drivers etc.
  • 3. How are admissions conducted?

    Admission is provided to children from economically under privileged background living in the city of Gurugram
    Admission in Vidyananda School is based on following criteria:
    1. a) Oral and written assessment (does not apply for KG)
    2. b) Age
    3. c) Preference is given to siblings and girl children
    4. d) Economic status of parent verified to be economically underprivileged. The criteria is inclusive of both qualitative and quantitative aspects

    Admission in Pratisthan Learning Centre is based on following criteria:
    1. a) Age (12 years – 14 years)
    2. b) Oral and written assessment for student
    3. c) Parent interview to assess commitment of parent to keep the child in education system till he/she is trained to be enter into a career of choice
    4. d) Preference is given to siblings and girl children
    5. e) Economic status of parent verified to be economically underprivileged. The criteria is inclusive of both qualitative and quantitative aspects

    Lotus Petal does not discriminate on any grounds of religion, caste, creed or gender in providing admission.
    All decision with respect to admission has to be approved by the Trustees.

  • 4. What school system do you follow?

    We follow the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board where students have the flexibility to choose subjects as per their aptitude and capability. The primary curriculum is as prescribed by NCERT. The medium of education is English. Communication classes, dance, theatre and a fitness program is woven into their schedule to build confidence and help over-all personality development.

  • 5. Who are the people behind LPF?

    You can Read more about the founder and our team here.
  • 6. Where do you usually get your funding from?

    We get both individual and contributions. About 60% of our funding is through corporates and 40% from individual donations.
  • 7. How can I help?

    Take a look at our volunteer programme here.
  • 8. I’m not an Indian citizen. Can I be involved?

  • 9. Is there a tax benefit if I donate?

    Each donation (cash or kind) made to Lotus Petal gets a receipt. We are a registered charity in certain countries - donations made in India/ UK/ USA and Canada get a tax exemption receipt too.
  • 10. How do I know where my donation is going?

    We will send you an annual report detailing our efforts and results. Follow our blog to stay updated on daily activities at the school.
  • 11. I represent a company that wants to help. How can I do so?

  • 12. Do you provide meals for the students?

    We provide breakfast and lunch to all students on every school day. Read more about it here.
  • 13. How can I sponsor a meal?

    Select a date, get in touch with us, make the donation and it's done. Your contribution will feed the entire school and the non-teaching staff. For more details, click here.
  • 14. Can I visit the school?

    Yes. Send us a mail and we’d love to have you over.