"Willingness and opportunity for solutions in life makes an individual a change maker in the process"

At Lotus Petal Foundation we value, appreciate and respect all the efforts made by individuals, corporates and all our associates who help us build a better community for our children.

18322 raised
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18,000 Target

Arun Sharma

In 2017, you helped with your hearts and your wallets. 12in12 effort raised 52,000$ and that did a lot of good. There are 400 students now, new rooms, new academic facilities, upgraded kitchen and library and much more.
There is more to be done. One constant every year, is the opportunity missed!
Opportunity to educate more kids.
Opportunity to provide more slum kids a place where they feel equal, secure, where they learn academic and life skills - a place where they thrive! To that effect, please join me in this year's mission to educate 100 more kids and consider Lotus Petal foundation for your charity giving in 2018.
Any amount donated goes towards changing lives. 15$ sponsors a month's worth, 180$ a year for a kid. By supporting Lotus Petal Foundation, you will become part of a vibrant network of donors helping the charity to provide education to the under privileged. As such we have established the Lotus Petal USA fund administered by CAF America for US supporters wishing to donate in the most tax efficient way. We thank you for your generous support of our vital work.

52,000 raised
  • 52 contributors

Arun Sharma

To help Lotus Petal Foundation raise funds, Arun - a California based engineer - is running a marathon a month through 2017. His target is $52,000. Every month, Arun traces his route and plans his next run. The California based engineer has vowed to run a marathon a month through 2017 and raise money for the foundation.
It started very simply. An old friend posted a call to donate to the cause of Lotus Petal Foundation, recalls Arun. They seemed like a school for economically underprivileged children in Gurugram.
A frequent donor, Arun decided to have a look at the website and liked what he saw. On a trip to India soon after, he even stopped by to visit the school with his wife and kids. Arun says, he wished he could have spent more time volunteering with the children but considering he was based out of California, he had to find another way.
He decided to run for it. Literally!

4000 raised
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Tommy Norton

Tommy Norton, a Friend of Lotus Petal based out of London, is combining his love for the outdoors and the cause of education for the underprivileged. Tommy is spearheading the Three Peaks Challenge with 3 of his friends. They will climb the 3 highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales on the weekend of June 17/18th, 2017 and raise funds for Lotus Petal, UK.

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Individual Testimonials

“At Fidelity International, we seek to support causes that aim to bring positive changes in society. We believe that education is one of the most powerful interventions for transforming lives, and together with Lotus Petal, we are bringing quality education to more underprivileged people. The school has enabled innumerable children and young adults to have access to holistic information and infinite possibilities and opportunities. It’s been a rewarding and humbling experience to be a part of this journey.”

Harish Kukreja Head of HR India & Global HR Shared Services

“A big thumbs up to the Lotus Petal team for their unrelenting efforts for building resilient communities. The focus and the grit that the children at Lotus Petal have imbibed in their journey is the best testimony of the catalytic role that the organization has played in creating the much needed foundation for social change. At Cargill, we take pride in our association with Lotus Petal and are grateful for the partnership. Personally, I draw inspiration from Kushal and team for their conviction, courage and authenticity and wish them more power.”

Dipanwita Chakraborty is the Regional Director, Corporate Responsibility, Asia Pacific at Cargill

"Concentrix is delighted to partner with Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation in providing education to underprivileged students in the society. We are partners with the NGO since March 2016 and aim to support children in continuing their education, unleashing their unfulfilled potential, and shaping their careers in this competitive environment.

Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation is one of the most professional non-profits I have come across in my career. At Concentrix, our value system motivates us to support such organizations regularly and we are proud to be part of such a noble endeavor. I wish Lotus Petal all the best in its zeal to reach out to the less-fortunate members of the society."

Deepak Wadhawan, Sr. Director India North Delivery, Concentrix

"I call myself a pragmatic dreamer. I grew up in a family of eight children. My father passed away when I was ten years old. Life became real for me me very quickly. My mother was an amazing and resourceful person who managed to put all of her eight children through college on the salary of a first grade teacher. She was also someone who knew the importance of getting outside of herself and her community to explore the bigger picture. Travel was a priority in her life and she made it one for her children as well.

By the time I was out of college, I had already traveled a good part of the world. I knew what life was like in other countries and I knew that I needed to be a part of that larger community.

Throughout my career as a designer working in the home furnishings industry, I was able to continue to travel for both business and pleasure. Eventually, feeling a deepening need to give back, I moved into the non-profit sector and began a new career working in Fair Trade. This is where I became acquainted with Lotus Petal Foundation. Everything about the organization spoke to my heart and soul. Their philosophy, their methods, their priorities, it made so much sense to me, and I wanted to be a part of it in whatever small way that I could.

I hope to be able to visit the school someday soon and see for myself what this smart, talented and resourceful group of people have accomplished through love, hard work, will power and sheer determination. I hope to look into the eyes of our future generation and tell them to study hard, honor your family and above all, be true to yourself. In the mean time, I will continue to support the Lotus Petal Foundation from wherever I am."

Elizabeth Russ. Cincinnati, Ohio.

"It’s not where you come from, but where you plan to go. That sets out your destiny I believe. The Lotus Petal School creates aspirations and provides the education and personal tools to navigate life.

I am proud and honored to be associated with such a talented, focused group of dedicated people and teachers.

Lotus Petal children – all have greatness within them for sure!”

Cathy Nichols works in Corporate Communications in a large multinational company. As a volunteer with Lotus Petal, she spearheaded the weekend communication program for our children."

"I have been contributing to the Youth Cares Team for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. I have seen Lotus Petal grow consistently each year. I feel confident of my contribution going at the right place. I have seen the student runners grow in the last few years. They look healthier and more confident. As a donor it warms my heart to be a part of this noble cause and the organization in my humble capacity."

Hatim Tarawaala. Kuwait City, Kuwait.