For most people, a marathon conjures a picture limited to feats of endurance and athleticism, or perhaps to glamour, glitz and photo ops. It is an oft overlooked fact that distance running today has a very strong tie with philanthropy. It is an opportunity for the silent heroes to raise funds and visibility for their favourite charities. In India, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) offers an opportunity to "raise friends and therefore raise funds" to a diverse cross-section from across the nation. 2014 first saw well-wishers of Lotus Petal run the ADHM to raise awareness and also a humble amount of money, which enabled Lotus Petal to hire teachers for their school. Realising the immense potential of the platform, the Lotus Petal team has since organized the event as the main fundraising peg every year.

In 2015, the fund-raising intertwined with personal stories and aspirations when Lotus Petal students ran for their school. There was a ground-swell in support for the cause of education espoused by Lotus Petal, support which recognised no geographic or socio-economic boundaries. Lotus Petal Foundation was one of the top 5 fundraising organisations of the ADHM that year. The Lotus Petal + ADHM journey is now an annual highlight and has been immensely fruitful. Each year, we have been able to showcase our work, establish credibility and increase visibility through this structured and reliable platform. If you wish to run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon for the children of Lotus Petal Foundation, please get in touch at

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